Background - The Opportunity

Why Japan?

Japanese companies are becoming increasingly interested in overseas acquisitions, primarily because the domestic market is shrinking as the population ages and decreases in number. Fueled by substantial cash reserves of approximately USD 2 trillion, the preferred option for growth by Japanese investors is through overseas investments in, and acquisitions of, non-Japanese companies.

One of the main reasons to consider a Japanese investor is Price. Japanese investors will typically pay a premium over non-Japanese investors for good quality investments. The second equally important reason is a relatively high standard of honesty and integrity on the part of Japanese investors.


The key challenges in attracting a Japanese investor are business culture and language. Japanese business culture is different from that of other countries insofar as it is particularly risk-averse. It also tends to include complex and time-consuming internal approval processes requiring decisions to be discussed and approved by multiple layers of management. Besides, most Japanese are not capable of effectively communicating in English or other foreign languages.

Why Neptune Group?

Neptune Group has extensive experience bringing together Japanese and non-Japanese companies. Our team are experienced executives with successful track records in international business. Working with local partners, including one of Japan's largest banks, we can support non-Japanese companies throughout the investment process. We act as your representative on the ground in Japan.

Our Services

  • Creation of Japanese language documentation
    Neptune Group can create an introductory document for presentation of an investment opportunity ("Teaser") in the Japanese language. We can also translate more detailed company data at later stages in the process. Importantly, we can create a document providing the prospective investor with an objective explanation of how the proposed deal will complement the company's business.
  • Identification of suitable investors
    Neptune Group can identify suitable investors through a combination of secondary market research, combined with information gathered from our extensive business network. We can also prioritize suitable investors to be approached.
  • Introduction to suitable investors
    Neptune Group can introduce investment opportunity to the top executives of prospective investors and gauge initial interest in a timely manner.
  • Ongoing support with communications
    Neptune Group can support ongoing communications by ensuring that requests and questions from all parties are clearly understood and correctly responded to. Being based in Japan allows us to participate in face to face meetings with prospective investors, an important element to doing business in Japan. Effective communications will allow us to establish likely issues and ensure these are dealt with promptly.
  • Assistance with commercial and legal negotiations
    Neptune Group can assist with commercial negotiations by advising on an appropriate strategy to obtain the best price and conditions for our client.
  • Post-investment integration support
    Neptune Group can provide post-investment integration support by ensuring effective communications to promptly resolve any problems that may arise.